Drawstring Key Bag from Faux Leather Scraps

Remember this?

I made a drawstring bag to play with this a little. It is probably a little bit of stretch for this technique but, it worked out pretty well. I have another idea for something that is probably better suited to this approach.

I put a very simple little Celtic key pattern motif in the center of each tile to give it a little more visual interest, then leaned in to the “key” theme with a key pattern wreath on the bottom and, modeling and 3D printing a couple of keys to use as toggles.

Here is an SVG of the plain tile adapted to the JPP Saddle Collection faux leather, in case someone else wants to play with it.

LeatherLocker-0.3.1-Plain.svg.zip (1.4 KB)

I am still practicing making and editing videos. So, here’s a 3 minute walk-though of the project:

A few more photos with the blog post on my studio site:


This is really cool! Thanks for the share…I’ll have to think of something to do!


Super nice bag, and I’m loving those 3D printed keys!

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To think that is made of individual little squares woven/interlocked together! That looks fantastic, and I look forward to your “other idea” :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:


Wow, thank you for doing this. I’ve wanted to, but just kept forgetting. Yours turned out so nicely I must try for myself. I love your work!

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