Drill bit organizer for the shop

Nice, thanks!

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Yes sir. I love that. Looks just fantastic.

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Awesome design! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you’ve already inspired others to get organized. :slight_smile:


I do drafting for profession at work, I attached the drill and tap chart we use here. It us the common drill types out there on it. Hope it helps those looking for the different sizes.


I’m gonna have to do one of these too… probably a driver bit one as well.

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Thanks @dan!

Any chance you’d be willing to share the design for this? I’d love to miniture-ize it for my metric hand drill bits.


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Sure, my first post has the .ai and svg files for the top part. Which other files can I help you with?

Those are awesome, I was just hoping for the side pieces @publicsculpture made, but no biggie, I’ll get around to it someday! Have a Merry Christmas!

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Wow…! Very Cool…Thanks…!

Oh, mine! Here they are.




Well, the SVGs look insanely tiny here, but they are there.

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Yeah for some reason that happens to me as well. Thank you very much for this! I can’t wait to make one! Have a Merry Christmas!

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The mars orbiter would like a word with you… :wink:


LOL. Good one. :slight_smile:

thanks for sharing very nice

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THANK YOU! I plan to use this tonight to organize all of my bits, but also for my dremel stuff, router bits, etc. Thanks so much for saving me time!


Somebody around here edited the SVG of whatever it was they were working on.

Made me wonder if I should figure out away to write a python script to read in a list of say drill bits, and create the SVG.

potential applications with spice jars, paint jars, etc.



Cant get this to cut, i give up.