Drill bit organizer for the shop

My first post on the forum, yay! I made something useful that I can share. Got the glowforge a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

Keeping drill bits in tool chests was driving me crazy and I was inspired by this blog post. Of course, why would I drill all those holes if I can get a machine to do it.

With some help with the wikipedia entry on drill bit sizes this is what I ended up making:

Mind you it’s on some cheap 0.22" plywood I had lying around so the engraving is not as good as it could be on a better material.

I’ll share the file for this flat section only because I think the design for the box can be improved. I ended up mounting it at an angle and the tabs will vary depending on the material you use.


Oh, and if you were wondering the front holes are for reference. This is the Illustrator file in case you want to make modifications, I left the numbers as text so you need to expand them before cutting: drill-bit-organizer.ai (152.3 KB) and here is the SVG if you just want to use it right away. I scored the guidelines instead of engraving them because it gave me a cleaner, darker line and it was faster:


Oh, that’s very nice! I need to do one with labels, I have mine in a stand but it’s just holes. :grinning:


Perfect for a post in practical cuts :slight_smile:


Ha, cool! I’ll post it there. :+1:

I just finished putting together a rolling tool chest about ten minutes ago. Guess I know what I need to make next. :grinning:


Thank you.


Awesome, thanks for the design!


Thanks for sharing your project and the file. Looks great.


That is such a good idea. My mom gave me a huge set of drill bits a few years ago. They are in a case that has them all laying down. This will save me a bunch of space.

@lairdknox, When I read your post, I first thought that you built the rolling toolbox on the GF. I guess when you have a really good hammer, everything DOES look like a nail. HAHA



Incidentally, do read up on drill bit sizes because it turns out “number and letter gauge drill bit sizes” don’t match fractional-inch drill bit sizes. I was just looking at a set I have in the shop that uses the number system and I couldn’t join it to my organizer, and I’ve seen a lot of sets like that.

Oh the perils of not using the metric system.


Great solution!

Good point. I’ll look at that.

Can’t think about it right now. I’ve got too many Christmas projects to finish. :christmas_tree:

There are two types of countries in the world. Those that use the metric system and those that have put a man on the moon. :laughing:


I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a long time!
I can never keep my drill bits together. This is awesome! Thanks for the share!

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very nice!

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You inspired me! Thanks. (Top panels are some 0.455” thick oak that was reeeeeally pushing the limits for the glowforge) PS: made mine wall-mounted, the rest is draft board.


Wow, looks awesome! And you have a complete set, or three. :wink:
Also kind of cool that you can cut almost half inch oak, multiple passes?

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Very kind of you to share your file for the top portion. Organization items are the best!

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Wow, love this!!!

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Thanks. :slight_smile: I have piles of drill bits I’ve been meaning to organize, this looked like a great solution. You can just cut through the 1/2” (actually .455”) with a single pass at full power slowest speed, but I got better results with two passes at full power, 110 speed. Still had to pop out the pieces (most just needed a thumb push) and there was a little bit of cleanup. Not too bad. I feel like if the oak had been maybe 0.4” it would have easily cut all the way through. I just used some scrap I had lying around as-is instead of planing it down.