Drill Gauges


Happy Saturday!!

I modified these from a free file I found on the web. I created two files (Metric and Imperial), however you could print just one file and engrave the values for the other on the back.

Since I used florescent green acrylic (I really love this color!), I couldn’t do it on both sides since the text can be seen through it…

I also added a hole to use to group the set!

I know others will find these useful!! Enjoy!

Here are the files: drillgauges.zip (29.1 KB)


That is very kind of you, thanks!

One thing I’m wondering–do the gauge holes take into account kerf? That is, for the 1/2" hole did you specify a 1/2" circle, or did you create a circle that would be 1/2" after the part of acrylic that is vaporized is taken into account? Probably for the larger drill sizes it’s not enough to make a difference, but I’m thinking the really tiny sizes might be off if kerf is not accounted for.


There was kerf compensation in the original file, but I didn’t do it. I did check the 1/2” hole with my digital calipers and it looked good (.5070)…the hole defined in the file was actually .377

I can’t say for the smaller holes as I haven’t pulled out my drill bits yet…


.377? Original must have been set to route with a 1/8" router bit.



Thanks for posting this.


Thank you! Very handy. I’ll be trying this one.


Thanks for sharing, these will be quite handy in my workshop!


Reminds me of the download from Epilog?


Yes, I modified that one.


Great color choice with the transparent green! :grinning:


I LOVE transparent green acrylic…I’m not sure why, but I do…it reminds me of something from when I was a kid I think, but I can’t recall what it is!


You know they used to make grade school rulers out of something similar…the little six inch ones that we used in first grade. Maybe that’s it.


Maybe! All I know is I love it and need to make more stuff with it!!


Thank you for this! Got a set of ThunderBits and these gauged perfectly. Used PG Frosted Acrylic from the sample pack - worked great.


Glass Coke bottles? :wink: