Drill Gauges

Happy Saturday!!

I modified these from a free file I found on the web. I created two files (Metric and Imperial), however you could print just one file and engrave the values for the other on the back.

Since I used florescent green acrylic (I really love this color!), I couldn’t do it on both sides since the text can be seen through it…

I also added a hole to use to group the set!

I know others will find these useful!! Enjoy!

Here are the files: drillgauges.zip (29.1 KB)


That is very kind of you, thanks!

One thing I’m wondering–do the gauge holes take into account kerf? That is, for the 1/2" hole did you specify a 1/2" circle, or did you create a circle that would be 1/2" after the part of acrylic that is vaporized is taken into account? Probably for the larger drill sizes it’s not enough to make a difference, but I’m thinking the really tiny sizes might be off if kerf is not accounted for.


There was kerf compensation in the original file, but I didn’t do it. I did check the 1/2” hole with my digital calipers and it looked good (.5070)…the hole defined in the file was actually .377

I can’t say for the smaller holes as I haven’t pulled out my drill bits yet…


.377? Original must have been set to route with a 1/8" router bit.


Thanks for posting this.

Thank you! Very handy. I’ll be trying this one.

Thanks for sharing, these will be quite handy in my workshop!

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Reminds me of the download from Epilog?

Yes, I modified that one.

Great color choice with the transparent green! :grinning:

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I LOVE transparent green acrylic…I’m not sure why, but I do…it reminds me of something from when I was a kid I think, but I can’t recall what it is!


You know they used to make grade school rulers out of something similar…the little six inch ones that we used in first grade. Maybe that’s it.

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Maybe! All I know is I love it and need to make more stuff with it!!

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Thank you for this! Got a set of ThunderBits and these gauged perfectly. Used PG Frosted Acrylic from the sample pack - worked great.

Glass Coke bottles? :wink:

Coke bottle green?

Oh I’m going to make these for sure!

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Thanks for the share.

Did the standard, ( imperial). Came out great,sized the holes with my bits and they were accurate and tight. The only problem I saw, was the 11/32 and 21/64th labels were reversed (transposed). The 11/32 was on the 21/64 the, and vice versa. Not a problem to fix. Love this, great job!

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Good catch!

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