Drill Holder - Combination Glowforge + 3D45

I have wanted a complete set of Metric drills so this so where I started.

1mm thru 10mm by 0.1mm = 91 pieces

To get an even 90 = 9 rows of 10 I had to drop out the 1mm drill. I rarely work down in that range.

As mentioned in other projects I am fixated on using each machine for what it does best; Laser cuts flat stock, 3D Printer makes complex forms.

The trick with drill storage is compactness verses accessibility AND readability of the markings.

Yes it takes forever to map this out in CAD but worth the effort; any time spent in CAD always pays off in the final outcome.

I added 0.05mm all around the drill holes for clearance, I think that was too much but it is fine.

I used CATIA for the body and Rhino for the Lettering.

The top panel is on a 10 deg angle so I had to compensate for the thickness of the material. Each hole had to become a slot.

Lettering each of the drills made no sense because of the logical arrangement of the rows and how difficult would be to see the markings, so I just labeled the “bookends” and the intermediates on the first row only.

This was my 1st time using acrylic (really nice) I wanted something that would not be affected by oil.

So the 3D has all the features incorporated: 3 different ledges to drop the Laser cut panels into.

I found that 0.25mm clearance all around was perfect for assuring that the wood and acrylic panels would fall right in.

I also brushed Polyurethane on all the laser cut wood edges.


Well done! Isn’t it satisfying to look at that set and see every drill bit in its place?


This looks really nice! Worth all your extra effort!

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Nicely done!


Terrific work! Wait…metric? What’s that? Can’t be good.


That looks lovely! In fact, I was temporarily inspired to make a drill bit holder also (for like 0.00001 seconds), until I realized that training the spouse to put them * back * into the holder would be just as hard as training him to put them back where he got them to begin with. :joy::sweat_smile::wink:

Good luck keeping it as perfect as it is right now! :heart_eyes_cat:


Very Funny, I am now convinced that a “one man” shop is the only way to get things back in their proper place!



Old dog, new tricks - never happen


Super well done. It would make a great gift for the woodworker or machinist in your life.


A thing of beauty to be sure!! What an incredible design combining with the 3D!

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