Droid Interface

If things go well, I will shortly have a full-sized R2-D2 in the corner of my living room… The thing is - when you HAVE a droid, you also need to give him someplace to recharge…

This outlet cover kit is from “Smuggler’s Room”, but I was so happy with how it turned out, I decided I’d show it off here.

(While it’s not actually “made on a glowforge”, it WAS laser-cut - and I’m sure that there will be similar projects coming off my Glowforge once R2 has settled in and my workspace is once again accessible…)


Very cool. I hope you will share photos when you have your droid in place.


Try and stop me!

If I’m not mistaken, he did/does have a Glowforge. It might have been made on a Glowforge. Lol. I’ve always liked his work.

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Well, THIS one actually WAS made on a Glowforge (except for some bolts and parts from a kitchen sink aerator…)

Some unforeseen issues are delaying the completion of my R2, giving me a little more time to work on the interface panel idea. Besides the AC outlet, there was an old phone jack on the wall, so I threw together another panel to cover THAT…

Here’s the wall with both panels in place

And a look at the corner where the little guy will be living (hopefully soon!)

Matte finish acrylic, Rub-N-Buff, and aluminum tape for the win!


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