Drone interference

After 45 minutes of updating my drone while trying to connect to the glowforge, I have come to the conclusion that turning on my drone in the same room as the glowforge results in an offline message.


So drones and lasers are a bad mix?

This is a good thing, yes?


Who would win in a fight?

What do you fly?
I was playing with a toy Tello poolside with my granddaughters when I got close to a Bluetooth speaker and the quad went blind over the water just out of reach. It decided to land since it lost communication, and I jumped in - jeans, wallet and phone to save it. In and out, phone was fine and drone was rescued. We all had a good laugh!
Seems the drone and speaker both work in the 2.4 MHz band.


Interesting. I have a DJI Mavic Pro, and will test this. I would think that connecting to WiFi through your drone would have no impact whatsoever on the wifi connection with the Glowforge, but who knows!

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I have had issues with Wi-Fi devices having sporadic connection issues and it seems more related to them trying to grab the same IP address from the Wi-Fi access point when using dynamic/auto settings. In my particular case, it’s a Playstation and AppleTV.

Assigning permanent IP for both devices has solved it.


Like @pubultrastar, I have a mavic pro.

I have not seen issues when using the two at the same time in the past (inspecting the roof exhaust with drone while a job is running; I make very little smoke when compared to the teriyaki place next door)


I want a teriyaki place next door!