Drought-resistant native-grass lawn sign

Lately the temperature has been in the 90s, and the lawn is mostly green and lush with watering for only 20 minutes per week (compared to a typical 60 minutes). I probably should reduce it further.


I’m a Ca native so, I’ve lived through many droughts. In MN now and, although it’s the land of 10,000 lakes (and it’s thought to be 1000s more) we ran a bit short of water last summer. Mostly, I honestly just think that the long grasses are prettier. Give me wild and natural over precise almost every time! Excluding some GFing and medical procedures… :grin:


As a former Environmental Engineer/amateur botanist, I thank you from the bottom of my roots.


Thanks for providing the QR code! I’m looking at some options now…

My husband just wants bushes we can cut into “the finger” for the HOA lady. Told us also to paint the house which we had done years before all the neighbors. But coastal fog, wrecks it fast. Brought us to a hearing and my husband said we cannot power wash the house because of three severe drought.


I’d tell the HOA if they want your house painted, they can provide the paint. :slight_smile:

omg I’m gonna have to tell my husband the idea for shaping the bushes that way. LOL

That sounds like Winter Park.