Drought-resistant native-grass lawn sign

One of my suburban neighbors (in California) complained to the city about an “overgrown lawn”. After making my explanation to the city folks, I made this sign to ward off future complaints.

(Yes, it really is specially chosen & planted grass, not just weeds.)

Engraved on 2-color acrylic (Dark Green on White Laserable Acrylic Sheet | Inventables)


Smart! And if they complain again, get a goat to eat the grass, see which one they prefer :rofl::rofl:


brilliant on many levels!


That is great!


get a goat and get their goat!


Awesome idea!


Got to find out the name of my weeds. Brilliant.


You forgot to add slow growing, and fire- mudslide resistant. A point my Godfather (who had a great deal of expertise on the subject) pointed out frequently.


Haha, don’t know if it does all that. But luckily I’m not in a fire or mudslide zone.


Most goats don’t really eat grass, just weeds, especially the smaller breeds like Nigerian Dwarfs (which we have). A sheep, however, would eat the grass down to the ground. :slight_smile:


That’s wonderful! Both the sign and the better grass choice. I hope it encourages other folks to follow suit in their own yards.


There was a big brouhaha here, over 20 years ago, when someone in an prestigious country club covered their front yard with native wildflowers. Membership is mandatory, there is a $50,000 initiation fee and dues are close to $700/mo (and you still have to pay greens fees if you golf). We drove thru there every night after walking the dogs at the river, thought it was a nice change from all the boring lawns that just looked like an extension of the golf course.

The by-laws were written in a way that the owner had no choice but to dig it all up and replace the lawn that was there previously. Back when we lived (briefly) in a subdivision, the homeowners association had the power to pay a service to clean up a yard and put a lien on the property if the owner did not reimburse them - and it happened to someone further down our cul-de-sac while we were there.

I’m happy to carefully groom my 1/2 acre of weeds every couple of weeks.


I’m surprised you were even allowed to drive through that country club! Wow. The people who belong to it must really think highly of themselves. But to not even appreciate wildflowers? What a shame. I bet the flowers were beautiful.


In Winter Park, if you grew food plants in straight lines it was a garden and illegal, but if the lines were all fancy curves it was landscaping and fine.


We had a few friends that lived there (it’s adjacent to my ex’s property). One sold their house which was torn down to build a “mega mansion”, which is now for sale at $5M.

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Nice, your grass looks awesome as well!

This is my last year to do that. We’re going lawnless at the new house. Only mulched beds, pathways and flower gardens. Wood, shredded rubber and stone mulch. Fortunately the HOA is big on preserving the natural forest so does not require lawns of neatly trimmed grass. Second only to snow removal, I hate the monotonous trudging behind a mower all summer long. :slight_smile:


I love your come-back project, and I really hope the stupid neighbor reads it. We in CA are in the middle of another heatwave in the middle of a (likely forever) serious drought, and some nincompoop is worried about your beautiful, green, luscious native front yard. :roll_eyes: They’re just lucky they don’t live next to me because I refuse to water at all and my front lawn is several shades of tan.


Some people have way too much time on their hands. I love what you’ve done! Grass and sign. I’m trying to talk my husband into doing something like this but, he’s addicted to what we call The Mow.


Yeah, it took some talking to get my wife into the “No mow” part. It helped that we have some nearby Apple corporate campuses that have it, so we could see it’s not an outrageous idea.

One benefit of the longer grass is that it reduces evaporation of the water.