Drumsticks are a go


Tried drumsticks. It engraved around the curved wood wonderfully.

Anyone engraved a pen yet

Yep. I did a few eggs once. It can handle up to about a quarter inch of curve. Those turned out great! :grinning:


This has been on my to-do list for a while! Glad to see it works! Thanks for sharing!


Wondering about what was happening inside the egg and that leads to thinking what if you lasered a raw egg in a dish in a design perhaps the ultimate decorated breakfast.


Chuckle! No I was just working on the shells…contents long ago consumed scrambled. :grinning:


Very nice job!


Looks great could you post what settings you used? And did you put masking tape on it before hand?


Did you use a jig to line them up?


Heck no, I just went after it.