Dry erase board

My daughter home schools my 3 little granddaughters and has asked me to do a lesson on the human eye. I had to make a ‘lesson plan’ so they know what we’re talking about…after all, I ‘do’ own a GF…

I hadn’t tried a dry erase board yet. This was a clearance $1 purchase at Wal Mart!! I thought the quality was pretty good. IMG_8368|375x500


Yep, that should work perfectly.

Lowe’s sells a white/black board for less than $7.00 that will yield 4 GF sized boards that I use a lot. I even use it to sublimate (although the sublimations are sometimes less than stellar)


The Lowes/Home Depot boards are 24"x 48" - If you cut it down the middle the long way to 12", then make two cuts at 18" you’re left with a 12"x12" square. Works out well unless you REALLY need to go the full 20".


When I get mine cut, I base the dimensions base on the mood and competency of the person working (I could just bring it home and cut it, but I’m usually too lazy to walk the 150’ from the house to the shop). BTW- I have enjoyed seeing the stuff you have created. Welcome to the forum, we all look forward to what you create in the future.

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What settings do you use to cut, score and engrave?

I usually start at the Medium Proofgrade Draftboard settings and adjust as needed.

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