Dryer hose connection at Home Depot

Sorry if this has been posted before. But I found this at Home Depot today as I was planning my venting solution. Not as fancy as the magnetic ones others have posted, but it was only like $6 and still has a relatively quick connect feature.

My plan is to put a piece of plywood with weather stripping in t in the window, with a hole drilled in it for this thing. I’ll get some pics up when it is completed.


The key issue with any kind of duct connector is that dryer ducts can leak a little bit and not really cause an issue (especially in drier climates-- hell, growing up we had the option of venting the drier into the house for both heat and humidity purposes). I think if there is a warning that it isn’t compatible with a gas dryer, then you won’t want to use it for the GF.

In any case, getting a good seal is critical.

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I’ve got one of those. You’ll find a fair amount of sealing to do around the edges. And the quick-connect wings are a bit fragile. But still way cheap and a good start. Also, depending on local weather and wild life, you may want one of those flappy things on the outside to keep wind and rain and friends from getting in…


Thanks guys. I can get a pic after work, but I have it caulked in place in the board. The place it events to is our side yard, and 3’ outside the window is our shed, so we will see how much of a wind break that is. It doesn’t generally buffet the window too much, but we will see. It says it is good for a gas dryer (I checked that before I bought it), so hopefully it is gas tight enough.

I plan to leave it there only when the forge is in use. But I have thought about the need for a flapper to keep stuff out. I will see how the testing goes.


Does the Glowforge come with the connector clamps, or is it just the hose in the box? Running to Lowe’s later and I want to make sure I get what I need.

Extra trips to the store are a killer (but always happen).


It comes with (1) squeeze clamp to attach to the unit. Some have used the worm gear clamps - these can apply a lot of pressure without a lot of effort so the official recommendation is to not use them. But, if you do decide to use them, make sure that you don’t over-tighten.

Mine came with 2 squeeze clamps along with the hose.


Ditto, but I purchased a 5-pack of “Key hose clamps” - no tools, hold securely: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DDY6HG


Five seems like an odd number of clamps to sell in a set (pun intended)…

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See, you’re gonna need six clamps.
5 to a pack means you have to buy two packs.
Nice and even.


Just like the ratio of hot dogs to buns. Or used to be. They seemed to have agreed to standard 8 in the last decade or so.

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You can get them individually, this was just the cheapest option. They’re designed primarily for dust collection systems (woodworking) and most systems would have multiple connections to different tools using Y adapters or similar.

Yep. That’s how they getcha. Hotdog bun bakers and hotdog pack manufacturers do the same thing. Buns come in 8 packs, but the dogs are either 6 or 10. …

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