Duct gate for quick transition between wall vent and air filter?

Hey everyone - I got my air filter a couple months ago but haven’t used it yet because I already had a relatively permanent setup to vent outside, and I do a fair amount of work on draftboard (which clogs the filter so you are supposed to vent outside anyway).

My question is this: suppose I wanted to set up a system where you could change easily from outside venting to the air filter. I’ve found a dryer heat economizer that will fit however I’m concerned that sloppy sealing may allow the exhaust to creep through the gate and go the wrong direction. I’m assuming that will be OK as the airflow will help the gate stay in place - but I just wanted to check first and ask if anyone sees something I’m not thinking through. Thoughts? Ideas? Has anyone else set up something like this?

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As you mentioned I would be skeptical if the diverter sealed well enough to prevent leakage. Very little would be very apparent.
I had to seal my extended exhaust run with caulk to eliminate all odor, including the booster housing.

A T-shaped fitting like the one in your link is really detrimental to air flow. It may be OK if you have an extremely short run of ducting (<10 ft.).
Y fittings are better, and you can combine one with blast gate(s) to control air flow as you need. Examples here, but available from lots of other vendors.

If you are having problems with the connection from the Glowforge exhaust outlet to the duct, some people have reported that a particular Rockler piece works well for that transition. Search the forums and you’ll find discussions about that.

You may find this to be of use:

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I’m expecting to need to seal it - this is why I’m looking for parts for a more permanent (but flexible) installation instead of a quick-release connection that I can just move around as necessary.

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Yes, agreed. The Y with the blast gates is an interesting idea. Thankfully my run is short (less than 5 feet with both branches together). My glowforge is literally 18 inches from the window vent, and I plan to put the filter unit just below it.

That’s really cool - thanks for the link. Unfortunately my connections aren’t accessible - they’re behind the glowforge on a countertop and I won’t be able to get in behind to make the switch. Brilliant piece of hardware though.

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