Dungeons and Dragons Minis

My friend has been DMing(dungeon mastering) the Storm Kinds Thunder adventure for a group of us for about six months(meeting every 3 weeks). He printed some great maps. He ordered great minis for the players but he enemies markers were just paper squares that said small creature and large creature. So i cranked out a sheet of them in Adobe illustrator. If your doing this remember the numbered bases make a world of difference for your DM.


See twforman’s post below for the svg file.


Great job!

They came out fantastic, and it’s very generous of you to share the file!

It would be if i wasn’t screwing up the upload some how. The file in the post doesn’t look right. I’ll try to fix it.

Oh very cute! :grinning:
(The forum does that to unzipped SVG files…you can Zip it first and it will upload without problem.)


You certainly rolled a 20 on these! Turned out great!

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Any chance of getting that zipped file? I’d love to make some of these for my campaign.

I’ll try to post it again tonight but it says I am too new of a member. Worst case scenario message me directly and well find a way to make it happen.

Here is the zip file. I had Ben send it to me so I could post it for him.

I haven’t actually looked at it yet though.

Thanks Ben!

mini-full-sheet-01.zip (2.4 MB)


Looks good, thanks for posting.

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I made a handful of these figs. They are pretty neat. I’m not sure if I managed to goof them up when re-arranging them or what, but some of them ran the cut twice and kind of burned the edges.


hmmmm, inkscape seems to hate this svg. Loads fine in the glowforge software but if I open it in inkscape to adjust the colours it destroys it

unfortunately I work in adobe illustrator so it might not be calibrated correctly for inkscape? Did you ever get it working? If I can do anything to help let me know?

Yea I’ve never had an issue with a file like this before. I just wanted to consolidate some of the colours a little but was a no do with inkscape. Maybe a PDF would stay together better than an SVG?

I did get some of the goblins made for a friend though. Thanks.

I just opened the file fine in inkscape, maybe try with a newer version. What OS are you on, could of been unzipping it?

This is awesome, I’m cranking out a set of goblins for a first session I’m running tonight. I also adapted the base for a wizard familiar. Thanks a lot!

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it opened fine but was super messy to use/edit

looking to print this set, but new to glow forge, what materials did you use and did you just pull the avg to glowforge or how did you edit?