Duplicating Catalog item on app

Love the new key rings in the catalog and I decided to print several after my first test print went well. So I have some questions I was hoping you could help me with?

  1. How would you go about getting the catalog item into inkscape for editing?
  2. Using the glowforge app can you set up the design to print multiples ? I have been trying and failing most of the day.,
  3. Turning the direction of the Print for space reasons - I can turn the catalog item but my art is not turning?

that is all…for now…
Appreciate any help or insights.

  1. you can’t
  2. Control-C copy, and control-V paste (or command on a mac)
  3. I haven’t rotated art in a while but you should be able to select all and use the lollipop handle to rotate?

You can personalize catalog items, but you can’t edit the catalog items. In Inkscape, prepare text or other embellishments for a catalog item. Upload or drag your artwork onto the catalog item. In the Glowforge application you can place, resize and rotate your artwork by selecting it with the arrow or by drawing a selection box around it. You can duplicate items for multiple prints, but you have to place them individually so they are printed correctly on your material.

Great thanks.
I am not having much luck in resetting a design. It seems all that works is re-starting everything. Is the website not so much user friendly or am I just out of it (most days).

If it’s not resetting, just select everything, delete, and hit reset.

Resetting finally worked.
I’ve been trying to get use the Controls to copy and paste. I really don’t want to do these one at a time…

How in the word can I duplicate them? I have been trying - nothing seems to work.

Got it…Just have to make a fool of myself first!


Control copy and control paste. On a Windows computer it is Control C for copy and Control to paste. You have to have the item you want to duplicate selected. You got this!

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