Duplicating pattern to cut

So I want to make multiple cuts of the same design. How do I copy and paste duplicates on the program.

Control/command C to copy and Control/command V to paste.


or click once on item, right click mouse / copy then Paste

I was trying the right click but hasn’t work. But the Control C and Control V did. Thanks both for responding so quickly. Have to make 25 and didn’t want to do it one by one


Thank you that worked.

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You’re welcome! Enjoy the adventure. :sunglasses:

So is there any way to lock a design so you can drag and drop it easier in place?

If you mean lock so you don’t actually resize, no (The undo command: Ctl (or command) z is your friend for that!) - but you can use the ruler in the lower left hand corner to move things via typing in a number rather than dragging…

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