Duplication of a design for 1 cut session?

So, I made an earring design that I really like and it’s tough to make again with the exact same size/art/dimensions, but I’d like to cut several in 1 job. I know I can do the “make a copy” thing, but that just creates another copy of the exact solo design I’m trying to get all on the same job. Is there a way to copy/paste within the same project so I see several copies of it to arrange on the GF bed?

This is something that comes up a lot. Did you design the earring in an external program, like inkscape or something? That’s the best way to do it, you copy and paste and arrange them in your art program before uploading.

The Glowforge ui has some basic editing ability but it’s really a flimsy toy compared to something like inkscape, Corel, affinity or illustrator.

Oh I misread your post too. If you’re on a pc or Mac you can select your one earring and copy/paste with control-c control-v (command c/ command v on mac)

It’ll make another copy that you’ll have to move manually to align correctly.

Doing it in your standalone art program is still much better but this does work.


You need to copy/paste inside the design, not in the design library screen. IOW, open the design, select the earring, Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste (or right click and use the popup menu instead).

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It’s just that I used some of the Glowforge art uploads in the design I made. Also, I am using a Mac so I don’t know if that makes a difference in what/if I’m able to copy/paste.

It works the same on a Mac, just use command instead of ctrl.


make the copy and align it next to the first. drag a box around both and make a copy of that, it should do 2 more. align those next to the others, drag a box around all 4 and copy it should do 4 more and so on. by drag a box i mean the selection box not drawing an actual box. hope that helps.

Doesn’t matter. Copy/paste will still work fine. Just select what you want to copy and use Cmd-C to copy and Cmd-V to paste.

It worked. Thank you!

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