Dust cover sewing pattern?

Does any kind person out there have a free sewing pattern for a dust cover available? I can sew well but I’m not very good at making my own sewing patterns. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance!

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A dust cover for what?

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A Pro GF

AFAIK no one has posted a pattern, but based of the measurements on the :glowforge: tech specs page, and using the box generator I made the attached.

Obviously with cloth you don’t cut out the fingers, just cut straight across the outside and use the markings for the fingers as your seam allowance :slight_smile:

It’ll get you started! (I added 10% to the measurements so it wouldn’t’ be skin tight, but you’ll probably want to make sure it’ll fit before you finalize anything).



You are fabulous @deirdrebeth! Thank you!!!

I ended up finding this pattern on Etsy:


The pattern is excellent and I would highly recommend!

The attached pics took me about two hours to complete. It’s oil cloth. I decreased the seams to 1/4" instead of 1/2" and it fits like a glove!!


It’s a start…


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