Dutch Blitz Card Game Box

We recently got the game Dutch Blitz - our kids love it! They also love mixing the cards all together which make it that much more annoying to start a new game - as the cards need to first be broken out into Red, Green, Yellow and Blue colors.

I created a box to hold each of the colored cards such that setup of the game is a little bit easier. I suppose this could be repurposed for any game that has different sets of cards :man_shrugging:



Very nice organizational aid. Thank you.


This actually is pretty helpful for another use I have had, thanks for the insperation!


Very nice, thanks!

Fun. Thanks for sharing.

Great! Nice share.

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As always, thanks for sharing.

Kids are kids. Having them picking things up is usually as close to being organized as you can get.
Let us know if this actually works for color coding.


Thank you for sharing! Now Iā€™m going to have to look up the game!

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Great idea! Thank you for the share!