Dutch or IPad owners with a glowforge?

I everybody
My glowforge will arrive the end of the month in my atelier in Rotterdam . Cant wait!!
In the mean while I try to read everything here and want to search and design projects. Buttt my english is not to good and a lot of things here i dont understand… for example couldnt find of somebody works with a iPad for designing and printing and how you can make your projects with Apple iPad
I work a lot with fotografie … but I also want to work with modelbuilder projects…
So much questions hihi
So I was hoping there were dutch glowforgers or iPad users on the community?
Greetings from Rotterdam !!


I don’t - but this thread is all people talking about what software they use on the iPad. Hopefully this will help!

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O Tanx!
I am gonna read the best english i can :hugs:


Welcome! It is good you are trying to get started before the machine arrives. You will want to start making projects right away!

I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum - Problems and Support is for technical support issues.

Ow sorry for that
Tanx for moving :hugs:

No apology needed. I look forward to seeing what you make with your machine!

I am glad you will get your machine soon. By the way, your English is fine. Post your first print so we know you are up and running.


I am in Amsterdam and enjoying my GF immensely! There is a Dutch Laser “Club”, too on whatsapp. I am in the opposite position. The club is in Dutch so I miss a lot as my Dutch is not great. Anyway, I think you can get into the whatsapp group. @beqwaam is an admin.


I am a glowforge owner from Oegstgeest don’t have much with apples tho :o)
Maar kan je altijd helpen.


O Tanx SO much for this!!
This would be really helpfull

Hi @acaprojecten, I’m so excited for you to get your Glowforge! I see you’ve been given a bit of help from the community already. Those are some great tools, there is another discussion on iPads used by Glowforge Owners and that can be found here: iPad and Glowforge You can create Glowforge-compatible files from a variety of different software platforms like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Autodesk Fusion 360, & Sketchup.

If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at support@glowforge.com.

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I got some really handy responses, Tanx for creating this forum!
Greetings Angelique from Rotterdam

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Helaas - heeft je alleen gevraagd naar iemand dat een glowforge heeft - en in het nederlands kann praten. Amsterdam hier. Glowforge. Maar ik ben geen Dutchie!

Hier is een foto van awards dat ik gemaakt heeft voor mij waterpolo ploeg.


dat is heel moi - grootjes uit Canada

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