Dye Caddy

Dye Caddy. In painting with dyes, you have to keep the brushes separate. No matter how much you clean them, the original color will come through. This allows me to keep stuff straight (hopefully). I am not an organized person… I hope this helps.


Great idea and nice brush storage too. :grinning:


I love the practical things, very nice!


Certainly organized now.

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Great use for cardboard! I’ve found it to be surprisingly sturdy and often I don’t end up making the thing out of wood after all.

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Like the very useful design!

Nice thing is you can use it until it falls apart, or until you come up with a modification that makes it even better!

I recently made a bird feeder (for a cage) out of chipboard, and emphasized this was only for them to use for a while and let me know what works and what doesn’t.


Great idea!!! My studio looks like a bomb went off in it so I am always looking for ways to contain the disaster!!


Mine too, alas!

Very organized! I also like the window so you can see the name of the dye.

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Nice work