"Dyson" blade less fan

Hey folks,

Stumbled onto this on youtube. Bladeless fan

The person in the video is using that 1/8 Styrofoam core with paper on it(NAMES??!), but I can see this with 1/8 baltic birch or even just cardboard. Maybe for the curved part you could do a living hinge and put a very thin piece of plastic along the inside or out. Or a classic kerf bend might do as I don’t think they make very thin wiggleboard.

The motor is really loud though, anyone have an idea for that?


I imagine a PC fan would be a better choice. Something like a high static pressure fan.

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835181051 (maybe one with out a LED)

I think they would make an awesome project.


Well now. Those dyson fans are significantly less magical than I thought the were. I had a lot of half formed, pseudoscientific theories on how they worked. But now I’ve looked behind the curtain, and there’s no wizard. It’s literally just a normal fracking fan with a cover that redirects the air.

I thought there were, like, ions involved. Or a low pressure system and a cold front. Or, ya know, not a bladed fan masquerading as a blade-less one.


That’s how they get ya! I figured it out when my sister-in-law had one and I could hear the fan inside of it. (Her’s wasn’t a Dyson, but one of the knock-offs that you get at a swap meet.)

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Here is a video explaining how it works by Sir James Dyson Itself :wink:



the blade design and internal chamber shape is going to affect the sound quite a bit.
I must say that the Dyson hot+cold I got for my girlfriend at costco is very quiet and effective, although we use it much more in heater mode. The fans (turbines?) winding up on my PC are way louder than that thing running.

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I always figured it had some sort of wonky special chain of blades in the upper half. Apparently it’s just a funnel. The magic is gone , sad panda.

We got the hot/ cold one for Christmas too, and it lacks a lot in performance. I would almost bet this one works as well as the real one.

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Now that the secret is out, how much easier would that have been if he had a GF to cut out all of those pieces? lol


Does the impeller have blades ? :japanese_ogre: