Eagle Engrave on Tile


I engraved an Eagle’s head on rough tile, then color filled with Rit dye. Not too bad. Need more practice.


Wow, that almost looks photoshopped on there it’s so sharp!


Wow, that looks amazing


Awesome! Does that wipe off of the non-engraved areas, or were you just REALLY careful applying it? :grinning:


What material is the tile made of?


Not sure what the tile is made of, appears to be granite.


I engraved through blue painter’s tape and then applied the Rit dye. Once it was dry I removed the tape.


Oooooo, very nice!


really crisp, was it an engrave or a score that was used?




Nice i like the contrast. However, this post is more evidence of a theory I’m following. The Eagles head is turned to the side, as are all eagle pictures and i believe for good reason. Because this is what an eagle looks like if you look at it facing forward (lol).


Your so right.