Eagle Scout memory box

Went with proof grade and some stain, then lasered over the stain to pull out the gold.

Really like the way it turned out. Took a little scrap of satin and some foam to fill it.


Looks good


You did a stellar job on that! The satin lining is such a nice added touch as well.


I love the look of the dark stain and then the laser. I did a couple of things like that early on–this post reminds me that I need to do it again. Good work!


Thanks, I was super happy how it turned out almost golden with the lighter woodgrain coming up through the stain. It’s a really stunning look.

That looks sharp! Nice that you took it a step farther to dress the inside.

VERY Nice!! Care to share the logo and box svg? :wink:

Nice, Did you make any other gifts? I have been looking for ideas I can make for one of our Eagles for his COH.

I am thinking of finding a knife I like and doing the wood handle, but am open to other ideas.

It is against forum rules to ask for files.

If someone shares a print that they’ve made, please respect their sharing and do not ask for the source design or artwork. Designs take work and have value, and when you ask someone to give you that value for free, you undermine their work.


Love that gold coming through! A perfect memory box!!!

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Sorry….I’m still pretty new. No offense intended!

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