Eagle Scout


A friend’s son will be elevated to Eagle Scout status in a couple of weeks. So I engraved a tile to commemorate the achievement, made a box to put it in, and engraved the top.


Lovely gift! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hat is off to him.
That takes a lot of dedication.


Great engraves on both the lid and tile! Congrats to his achievement!


Ooooooo, nice job on those engraves! Tell him congrats from us.


Awesome gift. Congrats to Deon.


Outstanding project and outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations from the Middle Tennessee Council.


Very nice!


What an amazing accomplishment! Your gift will be treasured … It turned out so lovely!


Awesome! I’m making a plaque for my brother in law. Where did you find the eagle scout logo and how did you engrave it? That looks amazing!


I googled “eagle scout medallion” and lots of choices popped up. I used the proofgrade maple plywood HD engrave settings (convert to dots)


I’ll have to look into this setting! Thank you!


After an hour of searching I found it! Can you please tell me if you just converted it to gray scale or did you do photo editing beyond that? Any hints you can give me I’d be very grateful for!


Converted to grayscale. Then. Increased brightness and contrast to ensure a sharper differentiation of tones. Nothing scientific. I just eyeballed it and went with my first attempt.

Oh, be sure to remove the masking from PG before you engrave


Thank you so much!