Ear gauges and a bunch of random stuff

Got the measurements right so i made myself som ear gauges.
I also include a buch of things ive made the last week or so.


Well now I’m going to have the Buffy theme stuck in my head all day.


Q: on the gage did you do anything to the side like made it curve in or did you just leave it solid?

Nice! :grinning:

I left it solid, but i have a tiny lathe incomming that i will try to curve the edges with :slight_smile:

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Cool I was wondering cause I used to have 0 gage and the flat edge suck

Fun to see that we share a bunch of fandoms. Thanks for sharing your cool stuff!

Are you a critter? or did you make the critical role logo for someone else?

We also share many similar fandoms, I may just have to borrow some of these ideas. (Although I keep looking back through your photos looking for something from Firefly or Dr Who…)

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Very delightful! I love all the geek! :smiley:

It was for a friend, i just started with their podcast though :slight_smile:
Im working on some dr who stuff actually :wink:

Hey there curious about the construction you used for the gauges. Is it three parts glued together? Flat design part ear hole part and another flat design part of what? What material are you using for the middle that touched the inside of the ear? Does it irritate or cause inflamation?

Thanks! Super dope stuff!