Ear gauges and a bunch of random stuff


Got the measurements right so i made myself som ear gauges.
I also include a buch of things ive made the last week or so.


Well now I’m going to have the Buffy theme stuck in my head all day.


Q: on the gage did you do anything to the side like made it curve in or did you just leave it solid?


Nice! :grinning:


I left it solid, but i have a tiny lathe incomming that i will try to curve the edges with :slight_smile:


Cool I was wondering cause I used to have 0 gage and the flat edge suck


Fun to see that we share a bunch of fandoms. Thanks for sharing your cool stuff!


Are you a critter? or did you make the critical role logo for someone else?

We also share many similar fandoms, I may just have to borrow some of these ideas. (Although I keep looking back through your photos looking for something from Firefly or Dr Who…)


Very delightful! I love all the geek! :smiley:


It was for a friend, i just started with their podcast though :slight_smile:
Im working on some dr who stuff actually :wink: