Ear saver leather V.2

After my first attempt at making leather ear saver I decided to get quality leather and actual leather tools and the result speaks for itself. i did hear leather is not a good material to use because its not easy to disinfect, but there are still good reason to use them. i work in a shop as a tech to build vehicles for people with disability and im required to wear the mask all day. its very hard to breath and the discomfort of the mask on the ears is horrible. leather molds to the head and the underside holds its place. im not saying to used them in hospital altho i’ve heard its ok from two nurses.its your own personal equipment and its no different from them cloth you have on. i’ve been donating these to people i work with and some of my clients that are quadriplegic that want there name or logo on them and so far everyone loves them.

Once you go leather you never go back.


Excellent improvement for your workplace. Quality leather certainly does make a difference.


Great idea if you don’t have to disinfect all the time.


Really neat! They do look super comfortable.


Looks really good.

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Nice! I was thinking leather would be nicer than acrylic, too, and glad you already figured it out! And definitely a good move to go with 8oz or so in thickness and firmer “temper” so it can hold its shape for this design.