Ear saver

I used the Glowforge template with .080 acrylic
They tend to snap when bent
Are there other designs on here?
I’ve searched but not seen any
Or do you think the material is too thin

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Do you mean 1/8"? 0.08 would definitely be a bit flimsy for the ear savers!

when you say “tend to snap when bent,” do you mean you’re manually bending them and they break? or do you mean with normal use they are breaking?

i’ve been using 0.093 optix acrylic and they can snap if you twist them by hand or try to bend them. but they also seem to work just fine with normal use as a mask clip.

Snap when you bend them
However all lines were cut not scored
That will prob help just cutting exterior

that will definitely help maintain integrity.

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I just pulled the pdf on there
I’m not great at using my Glowforge so I’m not sure on editing the pdf file to change it

when you import the PDF, you should have two operations. one for the outside, one for the inside. they’re not the same color. either score or ignore the inside lines.

Yes, there are better designs. I won’t go into all the flaws of the Ear Savers, but there are a number of problems that I addressed in my designs.

Today, I released designs for Gecko and Eagle, two next generation mask clips for healthcare workers using masks with elastic ear loops. A mask clip like this can make a huge difference by relieving stress on the ears. Most clips are simple S shapes which are not very comfortable, not adjustable, and more breakable, among other things.

To design these, I compressed what would normally have been months into two weeks. My goal was to make a single one-size-fits-all clip but I realized that I needed to make two clips, because the needs of people with long and short hair are different. However, each clip is still one-size-fits-all. I couldn’t have done this without the Glowforge laser, which allowed me to rapidly iterate on prototypes (the final releases represent the 7th major version of the Gecko and the 5th major version of the Eagle).

More info and the full design package is available at http://www.royleban.com/maskclips (includes design info, the free forever license, and cut files optimized for Glowforge)

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