Ear Savers dressed up a bit

This is my first post to the Glowforge Forum, hope I am doing it correctly. I just made my first set of ear savers and decided to dress one up a bit. :blush:
I used a heat gun over the center for just a few seconds to soften the acrylic so it would bend slightly with the barrette and embellished it for a more comfortable fit as well as a nicer look.


I like the idea of bending it a bit! I was wondering if there was a good way to do that. Did it take long with the heat gun?

No, just a few seconds. Balanced the ear saver on top of the barrette then centered the heat gun over the middle for a few seconds and then push both ends down and held it for a few seconds till it cooled in the shape of the barrette.

When I make the next batch, I plan to find something longer/larger with the correct bend and will use rubber bands to secure several blanks in place and pull on the ends so all I have to do is hold the heat gun above and let nature do the rest.

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I would think gravity would be enough?

the barrette is a nice touch for folks with long hair. i would be a little concerned about the bow, though. that’s not going to be cleanable to stay sanitary. maybe if it was a plastic bow…

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Like these only Acrylic?

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Thanks for the idea. I made this one for my friend who works in the post office and another for a friend’s daughter who is a cashier. They wanted something that was more dressy than the plain one and won’t need the sanitation required for hospitals or medical professionals.

I also make a lot of resin trinkets, like butterflys, fairies, and hearts, that I put on regular hair bows, maybe that would work. I will check to see if the resin and glue that I use can be sanitized, but I will ask before I send fancier ones to health care people just to make sure they want something different.


Probably would, but I was afraid I would overheat and melt it, so I heated it just to the bending point so as not to make a mess. :slight_smile:

Oh that’s a clever and really cute idea.

For the stylish socially distant wedding, perfect!