Ear savers made from silicone

would these be good to use to make softer ear savers?

Depends what they are made from. To ensure they don’t contain chemicals that could harm your machine, you would need to find the SDS to determine the composition.

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i checked the specs but it doesnt say either way what it is made out of

A material safety data sheet is required to show that information. That’s the point.

You won’t find it on Amazon. You have to track down the manufacturer.


okay thank you for that it does say bpa free, so ill check out Dexas

Here’s what can happen to your machine if they contain PVC or other chlorine-based compounds:

(that is corrosion)


i called them and they say they are polypropolene and polyethelene compounds (spelling?)

polyethylene can be performed with a CO2 laser to produce a clean non-discolored cut with a slight raised edge near the point of ablation.

If you want to risk it without an official MSDS, it’s your machine.

I wouldn’t.

Also note, most polypropylene does not cut well. Only thin sheets (like clear sheets people are using for face shields) work well.


If you’re wanting to make ear savers that are more flexible, a number of people on here (myself included) have used thin acrylic. There are multiple suppliers, but I got mine from BF plastics if I remember correctly-It is the ‘duets’ line of acrylic. Cuts fine, smells a bit more, but totally laser safe and very bendable.

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