Ear savers what material

I would like to cut ear savers for family and friends stockings. What material or type or acrylic is used. I have 4 mil stencil plastic but don’t know if I can use it. It’s made of polyethylene. I also have 7 mil polyester sheets also for stencils. Although that one says it’s ok for laser I want to make sure it is safe. If neither of these is ok, what should I get? Christmas is 2 weeks off and I want to be able to order something if needed before Christmas. Thanks all!

Most of the ear savers i made were out of 1/8 acrylic. I tried using 1/16 inch but found that although they bent more they also were brittle and tended to break.

I made some using 1/16" acetal/Delrin. It’s flexible and tough, not brittle, and can conform to the wearer a bit better than more rigid materials.

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