Ear Studs 6mm


Basically me when trying to make these…

7mm Ear-studs with red coal cabochons. Base was cut from walnut hardwood, 2 passes to get a deep enough engrave.

The only issue I need to figure out is why my engrave size came out too small (which is why I had to redo 3 times). In Inkscape the inner engrave should have been 6mm but came out to be ~5.6mm when engraved.But a little math fixed that real fast.


You mean coral, not coal, right? Cool design, they came out great!


Pretty awesome! I like the idea of doing a couple engraves to make a recessed area for the cabochon. Keep up the good work!


Inkscape DPI problem. Pretty much dead on. Sounds like your svg was set to 90 dpi (old versions of inkscape this was default) where the UI interprets at 96 dpi.

To confirm:
90dpi/96dpi = 0.9375
5.6mm/6mm = 0.933

I’d say that’s pretty much a lock, 0.4% at this scale is in line with kerf variation, residue deposit, and/or margin of error with calipers on an interior round measurement.

So what now? Well if inkscape is older (pre .92 something) then you should upgrade.

If you started with an old svg or one from an unknown source, it may have had the dpi embedded.

If you changed your default dpi to 90 for some reason then you should change it back (it’s in prefs, but if you did this I suspect you wouldn’t have been as surprised by the issue?). It’s worth checking just in case.

There are probably other techniques to fight this, search the forum for inkscape dpi and you’ll find lots of topics on the matter.


oops, was up a bit late, again.

That’s what I figured it was, I remember reading about it before. But this brain of mine is really good at forgetting what everything is called.

Thanks, will look into this when/if I get home


Very pretty!

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