Early delivery


My Glowforge was scheduled to arrive on Monday but, it arrived early this morning (with all 4 handles) by surprise instead. It was super easy to unbox and set up. Now I have the whole weekend to experiment.


…and thus was the last anyone heard from anticzcom.


Chuckle!..Congrats! :smile:


Is this the third lucky person to get all four handles? It’s quite the elite club!


Congrats!! Live it up and forge on!


Four handles!

Mine traveled less than 50 miles and I only had 3 handles on my box. Super jealous.


So nice that it came early! Enjoy!


50 miles? I’d literally have asked “hey can I pick it up and save the shipping fees and risk” Of course, maybe you did and they said nope.


Maybe we can get a user badge for the forum “All 4 Handles”… :nerd_face:


Several have asked. They say nope.