Earring Dislay - Simple

My first attempt. I make earrings and need a place to put them as i get them finished. It would also make a good display for craft shows. Room to add a logo between the feet. I have no idea how to adjust kerf properly. This is for 1/8" acrylic. It is really tight with the paper on the acrylic but loosens up just a little when paper is removed. I also added and extra foot because I always seem to lose them. Comment if you try it please!

I use acrylic glue to lock the feet in if I need them to be permanently attached.

Chicknsun Earring Display


How kind of you to share—thanks!


Thanks for sharing, It would make a good craft show display.


Very nice, thanks for the share!


Thanks for the share.

Keep Creating.

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Smart thinking to cut an extra foot. Of course, now you will never need it.

Thank you for your share!


Thank you for sharing. Do you use any sealant on your earrings?

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Very nice, I would love to try this. Did you include a file link?

The image in the first post IS the file. Right-click and choose “save as …” to save the SVG file to your local machine to use.

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How can I download it? Thanks!

Read the post above yours.


Thanks for sharing

thank you

nice, would probably work with a few less holes.

This will work great for my kids’ bathroom to hold all their earrings in one place. Thanks!!!