Earring holder/stand

I made this for my wife a while ago, feel free to use it as you wish, not sure why the svg file is showing up so small but it is there!
Jewlery Stand

Here is the Fusion 360 link too Jewelry Holder

Version 2 with a cut out in the face


When you click to add the file, there are a couple of numbers for the size. If you just add a zero or two at the end of each, it will resize properly.


Fantastic thanks!

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Very nice! Thanks for the share.

Open to a tiny suggestion? Small punch outs on the board would help automatically position the legs evenly. Right now they can be positioned arbitrarily.


Good idea, will see if I can figure out how to do it in Fusion 360 (still learning)

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This is a nice clean design. Thanks for sharing.

You did it! Nice.

Thank you for your generous share!

Thanks for sharing! Nice work!

Thank you! Appreciate you sharing your design.