Earring measurement holder

Told my wife to draw up a pair of earrings she would like me to make, she came up with these. So I designed them quick to make a new earring measurement display to go with my other displays, she’s happy and I’m happy, win win lol.

If your interested in making your own I have the files here: Custom Laser Designs by FreshStartCustoms on Etsy


It seems the width is also important to some.
Just my experience with selling a thing I do not use.
I always tried to keep the earrings 1 - 1 1/2 unless asked to make them smaller (aka post) or larger. Never thought about that one inch +/- above them.

Great project, thanks for sharing your concept.


Great idea.

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Great idea for online buyers!

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I included a blank top version with it that someone already said they added the measurements that way too. Just had to copy past and rotate my measurements a few ways.

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Thank you