Earrings for the times

I made a pair of earrings for my wife’s birthday today. They have a little attitude, but the message is clear. I used 1/8" mahogany, sanded, and then rubbed with flat white Krylon paint on a rag to give the wood that whitewashed appearance and boost the contrast for the lettering. I applied masking to both sides before engraving/cutting. I think 1/16" would be better, with perhaps a harder wood, but this is what I had on hand. Artwork was done in Illustrator.

Some were offended by the pic, so I took it down.


Wait, so you used spray paint on a rag to wipe over the wood? That is an interesting way to do that! How did you keep it looking consistent for the whole piece? Or was it so small that there was only one swipe?


just rub it in, then quickly rub it off. I come out quite even with a little practice


After fair warning it is possibly offensive, you could have selected it and made it blurred under the options gear icon. Without the pic it is a meaningless post.


yea, I tried to take down the whole post, but couldn’t figure that out. I think a blurred pic is just as useless as no pic, since we are sharing artistic content

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But then people couldn’t complain about it, because they would have to click on the pick to see it. And they cannot complain about the contents because they were warned.


In this case maybe but I’m sure you can imagine some types of content that are so far out of bounds that blurring wouldn’t be enough.

As such I lean more toward “just cut things that offend people”, it gets too hard to adjucate every case and the stakes are super low [1] here.

That being said @matt22 I liked the earrings though I can see why it maybe was easiest to take the pic down.

If you do any other projects with that finishing technique I’d love to get a closer look at it in a future post.

  1. A bit far afield, but… this is not to say that what we talk about here isn’t important, and we should enjoy and participate in this forum – I only mean that it makes pretty much no difference in any real way whether or not you can curse or post (possibly) offensive content here. We’re a laser forum, we aren’t making international free speech laws. This place gets a whole lot more fun if you just internalize the idea that nothing here matters in a significant way except for whether or not you’re enjoying yourself by being here. ↩︎