Earrings help

Not going to get into the jewellery business. I’m too busy with pens thank you.
But I would like to make some earrings for my wife using medium proofgrade material and I can’t figure out the size of the hardware to use.
I bought some on Amazon but they are way too small.
Anybody got any suggestions on size and where to get them?

What kind of earrings? There are lots of hardware styles (aka “jewelry findings”), do you have a picture of what you’re looking for?

Something like this but the circle thingys are too small for medium proofgrade.
This is what I bought.

You need jump rings to attach those. You can get jump rings in lots of sizes to fit the PG. :slight_smile:


An example…

Edited to add that these aren’t my images. I just linked out, but Discourse downloaded a local copy. :slight_smile:


So, a lot of I don’t know what I don’t know on this end.
What size are the “Jump” rings on the left set and how do the right set attach to the ears?
My wife has pierced ears.

Those rings appear to be around 3/16", and the ones on the right would appear to use traditional pins with clasps, probably glued to the front side that you can see.

The ones on the right are probably post earrings. You glue the earrings onto the post. Kind of old school. :slight_smile: I’ll defer on the size of the jump rings as I have no clue. I just eyeball them in the store and pick whatever looks right!

I just had the same question and found the jump rings at the local ben
Franklin art store.

Michaels and Hobby Lobby have them too. I would go for 7-8mm size. Or you can make your own with some round-nose pliers and 18-20 ga wire in silver color.


When applying jump rings there is a tendency to pull the connections apart (increasing the diameter) but when you try to close them you squeeze them til they touch and they spring back open. However if you open them the other direction as a lengthened spiral they can be closed back tight.


Yes good tip! Go to the top video from this search (sorry I couldn’t figure out how to link to the smaller clip without linking the search, promise I’m not being snarky) https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+open+jump+rings


I’m not going into the earring business either, but then this happened.

I used 2 each 6 mm jump rings with the hooks to get the earrings to lay properly.

A lot of co-workers are in a “happy halloween” mood now :slight_smile: :ghost:


I use 5 or 6 mm jump rings to attach medium PG to ear wires.


I have found the 0.060 acrylic best for earrings (and fit in the standard hoop). Many two-color selections available with acrylic as a choice.

The hardwood veneers and 4 oz leather (0.080) also come out nicely.


There will be a lot of ghosts and aliens floating around Blue Origin! :ghost:


There were 3 pairs left when I looked earlier today :slight_smile:


What a nice thing to do! They’re soooo cute!


I think I’ll skip Thanksgiving but will do something for December.

Although, somebody suggested turkey drumstick earrings :slight_smile:


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