EarSaver Feedback: From the Front Lines

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I haven’t posted in here for quite some time. I’ve been VERY busy printing off earsavers. I’ve sent some off using the #save2millionears iniatitve, but most of my earsavers have gone to help local hospitals and other medically related institutions. I got some feedback today on the earsavers that confirmed an initial concern I had re: the brittle nature of the design. Some people working in an OR department at a local hospital found them too rigid and prone to cracking. It’s the first and only feedback I’ve gotten like this but, like I mentioned, I was somewhat anticipating it. I’m going to get more information from them to find out what the OR docs might be doing differently than everyone else I’ve been sending these out to (mostly nurses). Has anyone else received similar feedback? Would be awesome to exchange/share and possibly collaborate on solutions.


There has been a lot of talk about this! I think it is definitely an issue some are having.


Every other string of earsavers has two half earsavers at each end, I added a cut at the end and a d-shaped hole that I have been calling flexies. I was using various bands to tie them together and having run out of those I have been tying with nylon lacing meant for sewing leather, this can be a solution for some as the tie acts like a hinge and rubber bands or hair bands even take some of the load.



honestly, you know, they’re not perfect. or indestructable. when we (my company) had a request for 1500 from a hospital (one for each of their staff), i told our rep there we’d make 1800, because some could break or get lost, so better to give them a few hundred extra. it is what it is.

if you could 3D print them all on flexible material, that would be great. but absolutely no way we could do this kind of volume on 3D printers (w/o having a 6 figure 3D printer at your disposal).

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I always add 10% more. I box them up in “250” counts but 275 fit so that’s what I put in. But I count 250 so 4 boxes equals 1000. Way easier than doing math :blush:


Wood the leather you can purchase through the materials shop be an acceptable alternative? It is thick and flexible. I haven’t made any yet but was wondering if these need to be plastic for sanitizing purposes.

leather wouldn’t be sanitizable, which for a hospital would be a bad thing, and would be a lot more expensive.

if you’re wearing in places that you did’n’t feel a strong need to sanitize regularly, probably ok.

not to mention smellier to make :slight_smile:.

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