Earsavers..how to get the word out and where to send inquiries

Hey guys… I’m wondering where I can find a link to post in order for frontline workers near me to sign up to get some that I can make. I am ordering the stuff now. But I want to make a post on my instagram and fb. In order for my local healthcare workers to take advantage of it. I am not asking for any kind of reimbursement for these in in way. BUT…is it against the rules or would it be unfair or rude in anyway to simply attach a tag to each earsaver? Like that just states that this is who made them and the name of my business?

Like it is kind of on the fence already in my head. Like I kind of feel like maybe it would be wrong. Im not asking for anything. But I still feel as if it may be kind of like a trade. I made this for you now, take notice of my business. Which kind of feels rude. What are your guys thought? Would you feel like it was still a donation if you did something like that? Or even if you recieved an ear saver as a donation (if you are an essential worker) and there was a tag attached to it?
To me, in a sence it takes away from the good donation. But then in another way seems perfectly fine.

Please don’t jump my case. I am asking for just the opposite effect. To get feed back on nhow it would make others feel. Either way…tag or no tag, I AM STILL DOING IT! It was just a thought.


My 2¢:

If you are sending/giving a box of earsavers, put in a business card or two…don’t put a tag on every earsaver…I’d be annoyed if I had to take a tag off my earsaver. But, if I liked the earsaver, I might want to know who donated it, and if they had a business that I could use to support them, I’d be interested in that…

That’s just one opinion, and worth what you paid for it… :money_mouth_face:


I did something else. I made the counter-top thank you box that Glowforge provided, and in the big blank space in front I put “These Ear Savers are courtesy of” and then my business logo and web address. I didn’t alter any of the info on the box, and that space was perfect size for that.

I didn’t do it for the donations through Glowforge, but for my dentist’s office as a gift…though I am getting my box back when it’s empty and I’m moving it on to my kids’ pediatrician’s office as a thank you to them too. The box took WAAAAYYY too long to engrave Glowforge’s pretty design, so I think I’ll keep it forever and just move it to a new home whenever it runs out at one location.

People who take the ear savers home won’t have any advertisement (and engraving anything on the back adds way too much time, so I just cut them plainly), but I figured it’s a good way to at least get my name out in the local community so they’ll recognize me at the local craft fairs. Plus when they are making their next appointment, it gives them something to read while they wait.


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