Easel for slate map

Quick and dirty easel to display the cheese board slate map.

Map details on the face plate:

Slots lock together with small pegs. Wanted it to be able to disassemble easily:

I’m happy with it, but If I did it again: I’d mask the materials. Doh. I was in a hurry and the frame is behind the slate, but still. It was a gift, I shoulda slowed down. I’d also back off a bit on the precision of slot size to make it a bit easier to put together, the slots are really tight.

It’s strong enough to hold the slate but 1/8” ply is really flexible at 11”x1”, I might up it to 1/4” or use hardwood next time.


Oh, very nice indeed!


Nice. And I like your frame design.


Thanks, it was surprisingly difficult to come up with a design I liked. I sat down thinking it would be a ten minute thing —I was wrong. I fiddled with curves and details for a couple hours in the end. Ah well it was fun and a good learning process.

to stiffen it up you could in a future version run a few slots down the center and tab the edge of another strip and put them together like a T-beam

Yeah, that’d work for sure. Simplicity was a main goal, flat pack ability and easy tool free disassembly were secondary and tertiary goals. It all worked out, but there’s always room for improvement.

Looks great! I drive past Strongsville every day on the way to work.