Easter Basket design


Hey guys, here’s the design for theEaster Basket I posted a while ago. It takes either PG plywood or you can use pretty much any 1/8" plywood (or thicker if you like). Only other thing you need is silk flowers and some rope.

Here’s the file:


Assemble as shown, then glue back on.

Note: It hangs much better if you put the knots for the rope on the back side, not the inside between the layers.

Easter Basket

Oh this is so cute, my mom’s gonna love it! (And she’ll probably spend too much on flowers too - I’d better buy a few for her to use.) :smile:

Thanks Cyn! :squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::hedgie:


Thank you for the file.


Thank you so much!


Clever idea (and cute)!


Love this! Thank you!


Thank You for the share file. Can’t wait to make one


Thank you for sharing. And reminding me to call my Mom.


Thank you!!! My Mom is no longer with us … but maybe I’ll have to do one for our door!


@cynd11, I copied your design and my wife did the flowers. I am very happy with the results and want to thank you for such a GREAT design. I had trouble with the weight of the flowers pulling the basket away from the door, so I found some little Velcro squares and just stuck it on the door. Here is a picture of the finished product. Flowers came from Hobby Lobby. Thank you again for the great design.


Well that turned out just lovely! :grinning:


It looks great on your door, thanks for showing me! I just made another couple of them for my sisters.