Easter Basket


I always make something for my Mom for Easter, and since she likes to hang decorations on her front door I thought I’d make a basket to hold some silk flowers, which she can change with the seasons. The design is based on a Dover designs printer’s ornament which I altered a bit to make it more solid, and removed the stylized flowers from the design:

The pieces are really simple, just some holes and flat bits to support the flowers, and sisal rope tied into the holes on the back piece:

Easter Basket design

Well, that’s adorable!


That is really cute :heart_eyes:


Great Idea!


Oh man, now I’m going to have to make something like that for my mom too - she does those door decorations and wreaths, but I like that much better! Great idea! :grinning:


Tell you what. I’ll post the design over in FLD. Give me a sec.

Okay, here it is.


Very nice! Your Mom must have loved it!


Haven’t given it to her yet! (Waiting for Easter). Fortunately she doesn’t read forums.


Ohhhhhhh … Thought you were doing it for in advance of. :grinning: Well, she will certainly love it. A very nice gift.


Charming! Now you can just replace the flowers each holiday, right?