Easter Bunny Paint & Playset

Last night I designed a little Easter playset for the kids. Since they are stuck at home, I just wanted something they could paint and then get a little play out of afterward. The bunny can hang onto the basket or hold the eggs/carrots/flowers. And there are lots of eggs so the kids can do their own little hunts. It is designed to be cut from corrugated cardboard, so if you make it from something else you will likely have to tweak the pattern. It’s just really the only material I have on hand and I am very used to cardboard crafts :wink:

The first one I printed needed quite a few little tweaks to the pattern, but after that, the three for the kids turned out fine. We just started painting so I can’t show you the final product, but enjoy the WIP. You will need hot glue to put the parts together. Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Paint & Playset.zip (2.7 MB)


No kids here but that’s cool as anything I’ve seen lately. Great activity for stuck-at-home kids (our town starts April vacation Friday even though they’ve been distance learning for a month - if the library was open, I could see lots of families printing this).


I love making stuff like this, I use to do kids crafts all the time. Over time though, I have just found it overwhelming to get everything ready with three of my own kids in my hair, and my hands have a lot of problems. I wasn’t nice to my hands when I was younger, lol. I am having a lot of fun being able to make stuff like this so easily, we were already stuck in our house when the Glowforge arrived.

This activity was based on a very very old card I designed as a teenager. At the time, I drew in MS paint. I am 38 now so… no laughing :wink: http://www.emeraldactivities.com/crafts/bunny_card.php


Sooooo cute, thanks for sharing!


Thank you for! We just got our GF couple months ago and we have lots of amazon boxes just piling up. This would be a good project to keep the toddlers occupied.


Adorable! What a cool family activity too. Thanks for sharing.


I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing. A lot of fun for kids (and we adults, as well)!

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Thank you for sharing, kids young and old will have fun with it.