Easter Bunny (playing with 1/4 solid Walnut)


I’ve been really curious how well the Glowforge would cut up pieces of hardwood I have around the shop so I planed down some Walnut to a quarter inch and started experimenting.

At first I tried two passes and it worked (and I’m excited to try cutting 3/8" or even 1/2" with multiple passes, manually setting the focus deeper each pass), but then I tried a single pass and I think it worked just as well or better and was much faster.

I settled on using full power and a speed of 135-140 depending on the piece. I set the focus to 0.21 because I read here someplace that focusing just below the surface sometimes helps cut through thicker material in one pass.

I played around a bit with maple as well and it also worked quite well.

I find myself really wishing the Glowforge UI had some very basic image editing tools such as copy paste, and the ability to stretch images (I can’t upload a square and then distort it into a rectangle?? Very frustrating to have to upload an SVG for every single thing I might want to cut…).

Anyways I’m sure the UI will continue to improve and get better. Quite a fun machine to have!

Anyways, here is what we made. A quick sanding and a coat of spray laquer and vwalla!



Cute bunnies! :grinning:


Very nice!!


Standard copy/paste shortcuts - Control-C/V, Control-Z.

As for resizing, yup. Everything maintains the aspect ratio. Best bet is to drop the image into your vector program, add a cutline and export the whole thing as a SVG file. The plus is that everything is aligned perfectly, if you laid it out right in the design software.

The UI is probably best used as a print preview and settings interface that can move stuff around holes in your material.


These are super cute! What finish did you use on the walnut it looks great after applying the finish.


Love the bunny … cute font … and the addition of the flower just sets it off!


Oh thanks for letting me know about copy paste! I tried right clicking but that didn’t seem to work, I didn’t think to try keyboard shortcuts.

I guess if I saved a line, I could use that in combination with copy paste to build boxes to cut out odd shaped pieces in the UI…

The finish is just a spray laquer, satin finish. I forget the brand.


You just saved me so much time and frustration! Thank you very very much for posting the cut and engrave settings you used for 1/4 Walnut :smiley: You are a life saver!


As well as what @rachal said. Thank you for posting your settings!