Easter project for kids

Inspired by Brooklyntonia at https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Designer-Art-Toys/ we did some similar, layered monsters a while ago. The first one was basically a copy, to see how this worked, the other two my 10 year old son drew up himself. I love these guys

Now, for Easter, we re-visited this concept and did first a bunny and then a giraffe.
I find the process fairly straight forward and it is great fun making children’s art into something really cool:
First I got the kids to draw the model
I then re-drew the figure in illustrator and separated it into different layers. This part took me some time. But it is fun to use a precision tool to re-create a child’s drawing.
Then the layers were cut out
Then the kids painted their creation and our easter-giraffe was ready to hatch !!


Oh that is absolutely adorable! You’ve got some very talented kids.


Too cute! I love having children involved with any craft. They are far more creative than we are!