Easter Project

I got a Glowforge Pro for Christmas and have been having doing lots of testing and small projects. (My first was cutting an acrylic window insert for the vent hose.)

This is my first “finished” project. We are having an Easter party and wanted some take home tokens for people that would fit in the plastic easter eggs. We decided on easter egg ornaments. I created five designs - four are engraved pattrns and one is a scored pattern. They all have the year on the back.

For those interested in process - I fixed the board in place and cut out all the peices. Leaving the board in place as a jig, i did a. Light painting (just paint and wipe off) then put them back and engraved/scored the first side. Then flip each piece and engrave the back.


Very nice! I like that design on the far right! :grinning:


Loving the scored one in the center.

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These are nice favors for an Easter party! Cute idea.

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Those are nice tokens of remembrance for your party. I like the subtle colors you achieved with the paint and wipe technique.

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Hey, welcome to the forum! These are great Easter items—you’re giving me ideas.

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I love the bottom right one also … Love the lacy look. Great idea!

Nice array of items!
I like your bunny!

@jules, and so it begins…


:joy: I missed that!

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Years from now some web analyst at GFHQ will look at stats…
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Alignment is off…
Folders would be nice…
I like your bunny!..
Camera is out of focus…

“Wait… What was that 3rd one?”


Welcome to the Glowforger’s Asylum! Eggselent designs all

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