Easy and cheap window vent! (without having to use your glowforge to make it!)

Hey all! Just got my glowforge in the mail- instead of grabbing the 1K solution or risking a non-vented first pass with the machine we came up with this! Under the photos I’ve added some links.



Home Depot:
-# 4 in. Inline Vent Draft Blocker
-Poplar wood plank (we made sure the length was right for our window- you can ask people at home depot to trim it for you)
-all you have to do is cut a circular hole in the wood and then remove the plastic circular cover, but can put it back in when you dont use your machine.

Hope this helps!


Love it! I just got my GF and while I was waiting on it to arrive I built the identical window vent using the same draft blocker! I just used an old pine board I had laying around. I painted the inside of the board the same color as my wall paint so it blends nicely. Works great, looks great, and cost under $10.


I will add that for ~$30 you can get an inline fan and attach it to your board - you can then turn off the fan inside the :glowforge: and beautiful (almost) silence will descend.

It’s frickin’ amazing :slight_smile:


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