Easy Centerline Trace for Bitmap

Hey there!

I wanted to cut a bitmap file… FAIL! Have to make it a vector file right? No problem. Just open up inkscape and change the bitmap into a vector file and off we go… FAIL! It cut two lines - one on the outside of the bitmap trace and another on the inside… Hmmmm… What to do?

I tried and tried to find a workaround in inkscape to make the centerline trace and… nothing.
Then, I tried and tried to get various plug-ins for inkscape that were supposed to do it and couldn’t get the plug-ins to plug in to inkscape.

Finally - I found a website that you can simply drag and drop a bitmap and it will vectorize it wtih a centerline trace and it does a good job!!!


Hope that can help you!


All you need do in Inkscape is hit break apart under path and then pick union also under path. This will leave a single line on the outside of the line you had in the bitmap.


Oh, man, that’s genius. All the time I’ve spent deleting nodes in the second outline – duh!

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