EASY & CHEAP - Build Your Own Table For Your GlowForge



Saw this in the latest issue (October 2016) of WOOD Magazine…I think I am going to do this!


I used these plans to build my coffee table! Just adjust to the size you want and it is super sturdy!

I could see someone doing something similar, adding a shelf underneath for material storage and adding some height to it to make the perfect height for their glowforge


I built my own desk for my work area. I’ll take a picture when it is stained and sealed. (and cleaned off)

Just used 2x2 pine and 3/4" Ply


Make sure you use locking casters, or have something to prevent movement. Light materials can be shifted around if this is on a rolling cart and the cart moves because of the head flying back and forth.


I’ve got plenty of stationary(ish) table space, but I’m still trying to figure out the transport version. Folding legs, maybe a block of foam underneath that miraculously pops out when it’s time to use the machine. Hmm, maybe castored legs that telescope or slide up rather than folding.


Maybe telescoping legs like beach umbrellas, or event tents?


I thought that there was a glitch in the matrix for a moment as I scanned this very article thinking of it for my 3d printer that will be displaced by the glowforge.


Good ol annawhite and her Craig jig!


My table decided to give me a 5/8" long splinter in my leg last night and December is approaching. Guess I should get to work on finishing it.




That’s above a splinter, somewhere below harpoon…


Indeed. Felt great coming out.


Well between everything else I decided to finally get around to sanding, staining, and sealing my desk. I also added two holes for power cords.

Here are the photos with one or two more coats of polyurethane still needed.

The room is a mess but I’m sure my better half won’t forget to remind me to clean it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Third coat is all dry and ready for my glowforge!


It’s beautiful Looks fantastic! Now it must seem more like ‘this is really going to happen’. Thanks for showing us. :relaxed:


What color stain did you use?


Dark walnut I believe


Oooooo, nice!